Your Donation Dollars at Work

We rely completely on individual contributions to meet the needs of our Participants. Your donation allows us to offer our Programs completely free of charge. Thanks to your generosity, here’s what we are able to provide for each of our Participants:


  • Up to $1,000 in financial support during the course of their enrolled Program to help cover expenses they can’t afford such as rent, groceries and the electric bill.
  • Access to an Emergency Fund to help cover unexpected expenses such as emergency car repairs or healthcare bills.
  • In our Money Program: 15 weeks of personal financial instruction in both a class setting and one-on-one sessions covering expense tracking, creating and maintaining budgets, managing debt, cash management, emergency savings, wise stewardship and goal setting.  
  • In our Work Program: 8 weeks of instruction including access to an experienced, professional employment coach to provide guidance and one-on-one assistance in preparing to enter the job market – resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, skills inventory, personality profile, practice interviews and networking skills.
  • Lastly, we provide dinner in each class we offer as well as free childcare. We strive to eliminate any obstacles to full participation.

Our goal at NOINOPIA isn’t simply to give money to people in need. We want to make lasting change in their lives. Your donation makes a big impact because it fuels change.

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